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Christmas Gifts

How to give meaningful gifts this Christmas

Christmas is a great time show appreciation to the people who are important to you and your business. However, finding the right way to express this can be time consuming and expensive.

Recognising the contributions that your staff or customers make to your business doesn’t have to be a chore. Taking the time to find a meaningful way to do this can actually transform this task into something you’ll look forward to each year.

Something else to consider is sustainability. Buying gifts that people don’t actually want or shelling out for company-branded products may not be the best way forward for the planet. And if your business runs the traditional Secret Santa or Kris Kringle, we’ve got some ideas to make this more sustainable and creative.

Whatever you decide, chat to your staff they are bound to have some great ideas.

Here are some thoughts to get you started:

Create an experience: Tickets to an event or a special dinner are a wonderful way to show people how you feel and to create a shared memory. If you are going to invite people to an event, be considerate of the fact that the lead up to the holiday period can be busy. Scheduling something for the New Year may make your gesture even more meaningful!

Give a donation: but make it tangible. If you’re donating on behalf of your staff or clients, think about how you can make this feel ‘real’ to them. For example, Kiwi company Eat My Lunch will donate a lunch to a hungry child when you buy a lunch. So your staff get a lovely lunch – and the knowledge that they’re contributing to help others.

Try a ‘Grinch Kringle’: Rather than the traditional secret gift exchange, put a sustainable spin on things. With a zero dollar spending limit, participants can choose to regift or bring something homemade.

Add a card: whatever you decide to gift, it’s important to make it personal, and the best way to do this is to add a handwritten card. Reflect on things that you and the recipient have accomplished during the year, or touch on a memorable moment.

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